Welcome to One Two Celebrate!

We specialize in crafting artistic and one-of-a-kind inflatables. Our creations are perfect for passionate parents, creative party planners, engaged community members, and visionary entrepreneurs who appreciate the charm of a quirky and elegant aesthetic.


How to purchase our inflatables

Discover our exclusive inflatable collections, each thoughtfully curated and available for a limited time. Our collections are unveiled at specific intervals throughout the year. Stay in the know by registering here, and be the first to receive updates on our upcoming collection launches. Don't miss your chance to elevate your inflatables game!

"Inflatables turn ordinary moments into extraordinary memories, filling every corner with laughter and wonder!"

A Family-Owned Celebration Company

We're a family that cherishes the magic of special moments and the joy of beautifully adorned gathering spaces. We embarked on our mission with a simple philosophy: to fashion spaces where children could be whisked away to enchanting realms the moment they stepped inside.