Remember the childhood fun of rubber ducks?

Just like your morning coffee or tea, our Rainbow Rubber Duck offers everyday warmth and comfort.

But here's the extra special part – it's a rainbow! Rainbow colors evoke pure happiness, reminding us of kindergarten days and the wonder of rainbows. Our giant Rainbow Rubber Duck is a showstopper! Perfect for attracting customers, creating viral photos, or elevating your party, it's a unique product that turns heads and spreads smiles.

Experience nostalgia and happy emotions with our Rainbow Rubber Duck. Bring timeless joy to your life!

Indoor birthday celebration.

Summer welcome.

Photoshoot ready in downtown Houston.

Family silly time.

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There are numerous creative approaches to organizing a rubber duck scavenger hunt, each offering a unique twist on this fun activity.

  • Classic Hide-and-Seek: Begin by concealing a predetermined number of rubber ducks around your space. Guests embark on a quest to find them all, with the ducks hidden in locations ranging from plainly visible to ingeniously concealed. This variation tests both keen observation and exploration skills.

  • Clue-Based Journey: In this method, participants receive an initial clue guiding them to the first hidden duck. Each duck they discover provides a clue to the next, creating a captivating chain of discovery. This approach adds an element of problem-solving and mystery to the hunt.

  • Point-Based Collection: Here, different types of rubber ducks are hidden, each assigned a specific point value. Participants collect these ducks and trade them for prizes. Among these, include a rare, highly-valued rubber duck that can be exchanged for a premium prize. This version adds a strategic angle, as guests decide which ducks to seek based on their potential reward.

Each of these methods offers a distinct and enjoyable experience, sure to make your rubber duck scavenger hunt a memorable event!

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World's largest rubber duck in Crisfield, Maryland @2023. Dutch Artist Florenjin Hofman was the original creator of the giant yellow inflatable duck. Check out his other art work @studioflorenjinhofman

Kara Allen is a very talented party decorator. She has a great book called "Kara's Party Ideas" and a website with many additional ideas. Check out